Skills and set tooltips for your website

We developed a lightweight script for to enable tooltips for sets and skills. This script can be used on every website and has no depedencies.

How does it work?

The tooltip script detects all links to sets or skills from our database and shows the corresponding tooltip directly on your website. Some examples:

The script detects the browser language of your visitors and shows all tooltips in English, except for visitors with German browsers. They get automatically German tooltips.

How do I use it?

Simply by embedding the following snippet into the <head> section of your website:

<script async src=""></script>

That’s it! From now on every link will be recognised and your visitors will get nice tooltips.

If you’re running WordPress check out our plugin that enables even more:

Who’s using it?

We’re using it on our website for all tooltips, even in our build planner. Our tooltip script is also used by the finest content producers out there, like (in alphabetical order):

If you’re interested give it a try! Here you can find all sets and all skills to grab the needed urls.

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